Who's REMI?

Whether you are the young parents of a newborn or you have older children, REMI the time-to-rise alarm clock adapts to the needs of your kids from birth to 10 years old!

With its face, REMI tells young children when it's time to get up or go to bed. When REMI sleeps I stay in bed, when REMI is awake I can get up!

Easy management of the alarms 
Thanks to our app, avoid waking up your child early on weekends because you forgot to deactivate the alarm clock! Everything is set through the app - create customized alarms at the times and the days of your choice.

A regular bedtime routine
Sleeping well is above all a regular bedtime routine. Thanks to REMI, set up a routine adapted to your child to help them feel at ease (night light, story, timer, etc.).

Discover all the features of REMI: