REMI's nightlight

The night light, located on REMI's head, can be switched on and off in 3 ways:

  • Live from the horizontal cursor on the central tab of REMI’s app    
  • From the sleep and wake-up alarms in the Bedtime tab    
  • From the timers.     

    n any case, the night light will only turn on if it is dark in the bedroom. If REMI detects light, it automatically switches off its night light after 3 seconds.
Good to know: if the REMI’s night light does not switch on at night, you need to recalibrate the light detection. To do this, go to the app’s settings* → "The night light does not turn on at night" and follow the instructions.

* : Access the settings via the cogwheel located at the top right of the central screen of the app