REMI's buttons

  • "Nightlight" Button : This button allows you to turn on or turn off the nightlight with a luminosity set on 50% whenever you want.    

  • "Hourglass" Button : Press this button to launch a timer set in advance from the "Bedtime" tab of the app. A countdown will appear and once completed, REMI will return to its standard state. You can set a duration when creating a timer in order to play music for a limited time.    

  • "Play" Button : This button allows you to randomly start a song / story on REMI. To change the track, simply click on the button again. You can also disable this button from the "Bedtime" section when it is time to sleep!    

  • "Volume +/-" Buttons : Increase or decrease the speaker’s volume.   

  • "Bluetooth" Button : Launch of REMI's Bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone, just like any Bluetooth speaker.

Good to know: A long press (3s) on the "Bluetooth" button restarts REMI's wifi so that it reconnects to Internet in case you’ve turned off REMI’s Wi-Fi.