REMI on holidays

Going on vacation and not sure if you will have WiFi? Here is how to associate your REMI with the mobile internet of your smartphone:   
  • For Android :  
    Go to Settings and search for the Network & internet option. Select Hotspot & tethering and tap on Wi-Fi hotspot to activate the hotspot.

  • For iOS : 
    Go to Settings and then choose Personal Hotspot.
WARNING (For old iPhones): To use the Personal Hotspot on an iPhone, pair another device to the shared network before opening the REMI application. Indeed, when you exit the tethering screen without any device being connected, it turns off. This device will keep connection sharing active during REMI’s pairing.

You thus have access to all the information related to this option: the name of the WiFi network created by your smartphone, the password to be given to the devices to connect to it and the number of connected devices.

Once the hotspot is open, open REMI’s app, restart your REMI and press the « + » button located at the top left of the central screen of the app. Follow the instructions.