Listen to the chapters of a story in order

You can listen to the chapters of a story in the right order!
Here’s how to enjoy listening to your own playlists:
  • Step 1:  
    Connect REMI to your computer via USB. It appears as a USB drive.

  • Step 2: 
    Create a sub-folder inside the "MyMp3Music" folder with the mp3 files corresponding to the chapters of the story.
  • Step 3:  
    Eject REMI and then plug it into its AC adapter.

  • Step 4:  
    Create an event or a timer from the Bedtime tab of the application by choosing the first track in the folder as the start music.

Advice: For more information on the creation of a timer and how to start it, please refer to Tip: "HOW TO START / STOP A TIMER"!