Baby monitor

REMI is a long-range audio baby monitor allowing you to listen and talk to your baby directly from your REMI's smartphone app!

  • Unlimited reach
    Wherever you are, as long as you have Internet connection, you can hear, talk to and be alerted when your kid wakes up!
  • Be in charge of the WiFi waves
    REMI is concerned about your child’s exposure to the wifi waves. You can turn off / on the WiFi at any time.
  • A baby monitor that does not heat up
    REMI comes with a power supply that does not heat up. A perfect product for the nursery!

  • App Notifications
    Adjust the noise threshold, activate the notifications and you will be notified directly on your smartphone when the baby wakes up.

  • Walkie-talkie
    To reassure your baby, REMI has a Walkie-Talkie function ! Talk to your little one so they don't feel alone even when you're not at home!